The Death of Content As King: How a Data Democracy Has Revolutionized Marketing

No king rules forever. Since the early days of the internet, content marketing has been the battle cry of countless marketing experts promising free consumer attention forever in return for creating quality content. However, the platforms that dominate search, social, and e-commerce use data-powered algorithms to drive personalized experiences for billions of users and is now where the majority of advertising dollars are spent. A once in a century paradigm shift has occurred that requires new strategies for organizations to survive this data revolution. The Death of Content as King is a methodically researched guide that helps you embrace data, not as the new king, but as the voice and vote of the consumer in this new era of data democracy.

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Praise for The Death of Content As King

"It takes monumental effort to translate the complex into understandable and simplicity, and it takes brilliance to translate the complex into something compelling. Jon has done both, and we - as readers - are better off for it."
- Mark Michael, Advertising, Marketing, Strategy, and Digital Consulting Director

"The Death of Content as King is a must-read for anyone in marketing or business. Jon weaves his experiences into the book making it a relatable and easy read. No doubt you'll finish this book with a greater appreciation for just how complex the wild world of marketing has become."
- Elizabeth Tucker, Cofounder Novel, Cofounder Alive Magazine

"Jon's progressive stance on data rising as the "new vote" will show you how consumers play a more significant role with all data consumed. The Death of Content as King is a must-read for every performance marketer."
- Andrew Perry, Associate Vice President,

“Being in the business of marketing, and being the editor of a national marketing publication with a target audience of marketing, design, and communication professionals, we read more marketing books than the average marketing person and with the expectation that we may interview the author for a feature or cover story interview in our publication. Jon's book captured our attention immediately as it challenged the "Content is King" theory that has been circulating for years in the marketing media. The book turned out to be one of the absolute best books I and my editorial committee have seen in years.”
- Cindy Woods, President/CEO, The CMO Team

“In "The Death of Content as King," Jon's long career in data use for marketing and decision making shines through, which makes it very easy for him to write such a useful book.”
- Dr. Musonda Kapatamoyo, Chair, Department of Mass Communications at SIUE

“In "Death of Content as King," Jon Hinderliter crafts a well-written primer on how marketing effectiveness is no longer driven by content, but by data. He portrays a clear-eyed view of the history of this shift, and the power of analytics today. The book provides perspective, real-life examples and easy-to-follow frameworks. This well-researched and thoughtful work delivers as described!”
- Carol C. Van Den Hende, Digital Acceleration Leader, Mars Inc. Strategist & Award-Winning Author GOODBYE, ORCHID

“Author Jon Hinderliter presents an updated way of thinking about content and marketing, a "new vote," if you will. What was initially about feeling is fast becoming data-driven in the big data world. If you cannot explain the most complex matters to a five-year-old, then you do not understand the topic at hand. Though I am not a five-year-old, Jon masterfully translated complex concepts into a work that everyone can appreciate. I recommend Hinderliter's "The Death of Content as King" as a way to challenge your assumptions and consider the emerging complex marketplace. The best teachers are those who share their experiences. Jon does all of that and more! Enjoy this read!”
- John Launius, President, Vidzu Media & Author The Life and Times of Missouri's Charles Parson


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